How to Download WhatsApp Status?


Hello all

today in this blog i show you how to download WhatsApp status in simple way so here we go

first of all you need to install any good file manger app i prefer files from google

so download and install files app

then flow simple below steeps

open app and there you show three line on left side of app click on that setting menu

upon clicking on that you show this type of menu in this menu click on setting

full setting menu

in setting menu you seen something like this so first you need to on this show hidden file option and then go back to home screen of app and click on browse after that you show below screen browse screen


show show screen like this if you click on brows button

in that you need to click on internal storage so you show all your mobile available folder

form all folder find whatsapp folder and go to flowing path

whatsapp > media > 

once you open media folder  you seen .statuses folder open that folder and there all of your WhatsApp contact last 24 hour status so now select status you want to save and copy that to another folder so that status save forever in your phone





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